D.C. Bilingual Public Charter School Case Study

In 2018, the student population at DC Bilingual was growing rapidly and to account for this, a new building was added to the school grounds.

Fundermax panels were chosen because of their versatility, durability, low-maintenance, and sustainability. The custom perforated design and stunning herringbone pattern add a lot of dimension to the project.

"Everyone's just over the moon with how this project turned out - from architect to owner to contractor, it really seemed like a fantastic process from start to finish."

- Project Architect, Chris Peterson, AIA

Watch our video case study and/or download our written case study to read how Fundermax's phenolic panels were utilized and the design inspiration for this school building.



Download Full Case Study

This case study explores an exciting school project utilizing Fundermax panels in a custom perforated design and herringbone pattern.