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Helpful Fundermax Resources

Fundermax is a global leader for HPL (phenolic resin) panels. We empower architects to create superior exterior and interior spaces with our high quality, innovative, and durable high-pressure laminates. Learn more about Fundermax in the helpful resources below or contact us to learn more.

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Check out new content posted by industry experts around phenolic panels, code compliance, sustainability, and more. See our blogs here.

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Project Gallery

View our project gallery highlighting the various projects we've been able to be a part of and how our HPL panels added value. See our project gallery here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you have questions about our products and processes, here's a great place to start. We've listed some of the most common questions we receive here.

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Request Free Samples

Fundermax has hundreds of color and finish combinations to make your project perfect. Request your free samples from us here.